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I started in life choosing Creativity as my main interest. For this, I obtained a 3 Years Diploma from my hometown, Bengaluru, in the field of Designing.

My first appointment in School was of an Arts & Crafts teacher. Alongside my job, I continued with my studies and later on, joining the mainstream of education, I got my PostGraduation in Literature. I have had the privilege of being a Principal to CBSE+ICSE Board Schools.

Presently, having retired from my teaching profession, I have settled down in Dehradun, devoted to my designing and creative interests.

Even as a professional teacher I used to indulge in creating arts and crafts with my students for ‘Learning by Doing’ projects.
Opportunity to use my talents used to crop up in the form of helping them in their Social Science projects, holding events, functions, School Exhibitions by designing dresses, props and choreographing stage plays etc.

During these sessions I noticed that children would open up their minds to me, they would be in their elements, talking out freely, and exchanging ideas as a team.

Years have gone by, yet, I continue to derive pleasure in learning, creating, teaching, sharing and appreciating others works.
For me, being creative is not only aesthetic and healing but deeper than that. It has now become a part and parcel of my life. It keeps me inspired at all times. Its fun trying out innovative ideas and solutions for recycling and reusing domestic wastes generated by our daily use. I am always on the lookout for ways and methods of creating- best out of waste. Do you feel the same way?

Come on then, let us take out some ‘ME-TIME’ for ourselves to pursue our interests (apart from our busy day to day schedule.)Join in CREATIVITY WITH ME through your likes, becoming subscribers, comments and discussions.
Unleash creativity and inspire one another !!!🙏🌹