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Recycling using thermocol packings


I used all WASTE MATERIALS only


  1. Draw the shape of the bird with a light colored sketchpen, on a thick thermocol piece (I got mine from a TV PACKAGING).
  2. Now cut 3 shapes of the bird with a cutter blade and after stacking them in three layers stick them with FEVICOL GLUE. Leave to air dry overnight.
  3. This will help you to get a 3D ,plumpy and fat bird. Using the CUTTER BLADE you can now use your sculpting skill to prepare the model of the bird.
  4. Before air-drying the bird I inserted a TUBULAR GLASS BEAD by pushing it horizontally from one end to the other.
  5. Allow it to sun dry for 2 hours.
  6. Meanwhile prepare the EGGSCRATE PAPER MACHÄ’ PULP+BIRLA WHITE CEMENT PUTTY mixture mixed with FEVICOL GLUE by making a creamy paste. You may add WHITE ACRYLIC PAINT for a final plaster on the thermocol bird cut out.
  7. Smear the plaster mixture on the thermocol modelled birdie with a THICK PAINTBRUSH.
  8. Now let it dry for a day in the sun light.
  9. You will see that it dries to a rock hard state. Paint it with ACRYLIC COLOURS according to your choice.
  10. YOUR BIRDIES ARE READY TO BE MOUNTED ON any base that you prefer. By the way I mounted mine on WASTE CDS. Now, go ahead, and unleash more Creativity by using and decorating it in different ways!!!

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